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The ignition of 451 Solutions

The temperature at which paper burns is 451 degrees Fahrenheit, as popularized in the book “Fahrenheit 451” by Ray Bradbury. At 451 Solutions, our goal is to reduce or entirely remove the reliance on paper from any physical “document-driven” process through innovative paperless solutions. These solutions are designed to be fully electronic and environmentally friendly. Organizations are able to duplicate actual workflow efficiently and securely, saving your organization time and money from day one.

At 451 Solutions, we are committed to collaborating with our clients to fully understand their needs and the ways in which they can increase productivity, reduce costs and improve quality of service. We strive to help our clients them realize their full potential through exemplary solution combined with our “best of breed” support and service.


Referral Rewards Program

451 Solutions is proud to announce our Referral Rewards Program. With this program, if a current client refers 451 Solutions, and the client’s referral leads to a new solution implementation, we will give 10 hours of development towards a new enhancement or product, or 10 hours of advanced training (a $1,250 dollar value)!

A Focus on Development

With a changing economic environment and a rising unemployment rate, 451 Solutions has decided to create a development team in-house. This not only gives us an advantage in being able to respond to new enhancements and bug fixes with record speed and higher levels of quality but also stimulates our local economy.

New Products - New Ideas!

We are always seeking enhancement ideas for our latest solutions.

IWe would love to hear from you. Let us know if you have any ideas to increase your productivity or improve your ease of use.

We value your feedback!

Please log in to our Support Ticket System and submit a suggestion ticket. If you do not have a Support Ticket System log in, please contact our Dedicated Support Department at 

Introducing Fahrenheit

Our company burns with a passion to eliminate paper and wasted effort from your physical processes. So a burning match was the perfect choice for us. He’ll help you to tell paper that it’s fired!

As our new company mascot, Fahrenheit will pop up from time to time in our documentation, newsletters or emails to point out important information and provide helpful tips or tricks to using our solutions. You can be sure that when you see this little guy, it’s “hot” information that you do not want to miss.

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